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Policies and Appointments

Parents are welcome in the treatment area during all initial and subsequent checkup/cleaning visits. During these visits, trust and friendship is established between Dr. Lugus and the patient, which will be very beneficial should any subsequent dental procedure (such as a filling) be needed.  During such procedures, parents are therefore usually requested to wait in the reception area or at least out of view and not in close proximity to the child during the procedure. Younger children, almost without exception, are in better spirits, less tired, and perform better earlier in the day. Most often, the parent in the treatment area often only confuses the patient and compromises the chances of a smooth and successful visit. There are of course exceptions when the parent is requested to help in the procedure, or merely be present as a silent observer. These exceptions will be at the discretion of Dr. Lugus.


Dr. Lugus prefers to see all preschool children ages five and under in the morning should a dental procedure be needed. Younger children almost without exception are in better spirits, less tired, and perform better earlier in the day. We make every effort to accommodate the school-age children with more afternoon appointments upon request. However, it is our policy to alternate morning and afternoon appointments for all our orthodontic patients since the office, unfortunately, cannot provide enough after school hours for each orthodontic appointment, as is also the case in any other office providing orthodontic services.


Our Lawrenceville office hours are:

Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


Office hours may vary depending on school calendars etc.


Please call office if you have any questions at 770-995-3220.