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  • Sugar exposure is the main source for dental decay and thus its exposure to the teeth should be minimized. All processed foods and snacks as well as sweets and sweetened drinks should be avoided or at least minimized.


  • Teeth should be brushed at least twice a day right after meals and snacks with a fluoridated toothbrush. Fluoride application should begin at age one very sparingly at first, just a small paste smear on the toothbrush and Increasing with age. Children need parental supervision and help with brushing until age six to eight. An electric toothbrush is often a good idea when brushing is difficult.


  •  Daily flossing with normal waxed string floss is equally important as brushing and should be done at least once a day, ideally before bedtime. Children need parental supervision and help with flossing until at least age twelve.

It is important to maintain healthy primary and permanent teeth. Early loss of primary teeth (mainly molars) usually results in rapid space closure of the space thereby blocking out the permanent successor. This often necessitates the unnecessary removal of a permanent tooth as well as complicated orthodontics which could easily have been avoided. Permanent teeth preserve the integrity of the surrounding alveolar bone as well as normal jaw development.